Author: Jennifer Thursfield

How the New Trivial Benefits Exemption Affects Your Company

Like to save some money on your Christmas gifts for your employees this year? Wouldn’t mind cutting the cost of your festive entertainment or meal? With Christmas fast approaching, it’s worth being aware of HMRC’s recent changes to the benefits and expenses rules. As of the 6th April 2016 trivial benefits became statutory and also… Read More »

Pay less tax newsletter – Autumn 2016

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Tax newsletter – October 2016

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Manage Your Talent and Grow Your Business

The “war on talent” seems to be raging on. Large businesses are competing to recruit the best graduates straight from university and many firms are prepared to pay well for the most experienced candidates. As a result, all businesses need to manage the talent they already have. Talent management is often considered to be an… Read More »

Build a Sustainable Business

The “green agenda” has moved to the forefront of the modern business world. Society is experiencing an increasing shift in focus to sustainable business and environmental responsibility. For businesses, embracing sustainability includes encouraging active preservation of the environment and communities, while also promising attractive cost savings. Many firms have made considerable savings through implementing sustainability… Read More »

How to Gain a Competitive Edge in Business

Competition is a fact of life. The best businesses set the pace and aren’t afraid to go their own way. How do you and your firm respond to competition? Are you leaders or do you follow the pack? If you want to move ahead of your competitors, you need to change how your business positions… Read More »

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Pay less tax newsletter – Summer 2016

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Tax newsletter – September 2016

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Client newsletter – September 2016

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