Our new Company Car Review Service

Interested in finding out how having the use of a company vehicle will impact you and your business?

We now offer a Company Car Review service.

We will be able to identify how providing a vehicle through a business will impact on the business and the individual and report on the most cost efficient options for the individual and the business, together with what actions can be taken.

The service is normally worth £250 + VAT but we are offering it at a discounted price of £195 +VAT until 31st December 2017.

So if you are interested in finding out how having the use of a company vehicle will impact you and your business and what action to take, please contact us now, on 01782 594958 or jennifer@www.thursfieldstax.co.uk, and book your Company Car Review.



Vehicle Tax Changes

In the past, many considered a company car to be a perk of middle management and above with employers using a sliding scale of quality of cars as a carrot for harder work or longer hours.  But as the tax increases were used by successive governments to support greener policies by encouraging lower emission vehicles, the prestige of a company car was often outweighed by the tax charges faced by the employee.  Company cars began to fall out of popularity.

Of course many small business owners have company cars.  Directors of small business are employees and if a vehicle is owned or leased by the business and the car costs are within the business then the car is a company car.

There are many other changes happening in the tax arena and increases are hitting all directors of companies and those with residential property income and so many are now looking at ways of easing the burden by reviewing again the provision of a vehicle by their business.

Book your Company Car Review today, on 01782 594958 or contact jennifer@www.thursfieldstax.co.uk.